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You know Scott Aukerman?

He’s the host of Comedy Bang! Bang! or you might know him from the podcast, Comedy Deathray.

The IFC show, known for its irreverent comedy and strange bits follows the format of a news interview show with celebrities visiting Aukerman and his band leader Reggie Watts for a mostly improvised set of questions and skits that you just don’t see coming.

Scott took some time to chat about the show, his history with Comic-Con and future plans.

Discussing Comedy Bang! Bang!, Scott said the show has been a dream and IFC allows him to do whatever he wants. After filming the pilot he was dreading feedback from the network, who surprisingly were happier than expected. “They trust my opinion and they said ‘we will never argue with you about what is funny.'”

Despite previously writing pilots for NBC and Fox in the past, Scott decided to focus on the second season of the show as well as continuing his work on Between Two Ferns.  In addition, he tries to work with friends of friends of friends including Amy Poehler, John Hamm, Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, and Seth Rogen.  Using a five camera setup allows adequate coverage and the ability to truly control the flow via post-production.

“It’s been a real learning process, and, “at the end of the day I only really have to please myself right?” I agreed with him.

While he loves working on the show, doing 13 hour days is difficult. He even said that at times he found himself falling asleep, but don’t think you’ll be able to see that, they now how to cut around it. He said “I understand why people on SNL were doing cocaine.” Although he upper is sugar-free Red Bull.

Headed into Season 2, there aren’t any official plans for a DVD, but he’s ready to work with the editors and get stuff together hoping to show people the amazing amount of footage they have.  The Jon Hamm episode alone has enough footage for three different versions

Reflecting for a moment on Comic-Con itself, Aukerman has been attending long enough to see how it’s changed.  He first attended in 1985 when it was at the old convention center and was really just about getting comics and back issues and filling out your collection. Several years later he returned with crew of Mr. Show, and discovered that he really enjoys the Con.  For several years, he and Brian Posehn came to the show together.  The first line he ever had to wait in was for Kevin Smith in a
small room and everyone got in, but now you can wait in a line for hours and still not make it
into the panel that you were planning to attend.  “It’s way crowded and a totally
different place.”

At the end of the day, Aukerman is going to make the show that he wants though, feeling that if you don’t enjoy what he’s done that it clearly wasn’t made for you. He finished the interview by coining the new motto for all comedians.

“Comedy. It’s not for everyone.”

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