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There Are Some Killer Computers In The Trailer For H+

Big names are making a push for web series right now. Today we see the trailer for H+ from X-Men director Bryan Singer.  In this future world Hplus Nano Teoranta is a high-tech company that delivers a new product that allows the brain to connect to the internet and put screens in front of us at all times. At first everything is great, people love the device, the company is making money, but then tragedy strikes. A virus kills over a third of the population instantly. Now it’s up to a small group to take on the task of rebuilding government and humanity.

Singer is just producing this project with Warner Bros. digital branch. This means Stewart Handler has a larger budget to direct with and actors like Buffy alum Alexis Denisof can be cast. The script comes from the concept creators John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso.

On August 8th the series will debut with new episodes coming out every Wednesday. 

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