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FATHER OF THE YEAR: Dad Builds Backyard Roller Coaster to Win the Love Of His Ungrateful Toddler

Here’s a story of a dad that just wanted his hell spawn to love and respect him, and, like all parents, he did something extraordinary.

He built that little shit a backyard roller coaster.

Okay, so it’s not electric and the guy has to use a pole to push that asshole up to the first hill but hey, the guy built something with his own two hands right?

And you know what’s going to happen next?

That frakkin toddler is gonna demand that the dad continue to push their fat ass for hours and hours until the dad is exhausted and the kid runs out of excitement for the ride. And there the roller coaster will sit, in the backyard, for years, slowly disintegrating, until it’s just an eyesore for the kid to set fire to when they get addicted to Bath Salts.

All because the dad wanted the kid to think he was awesome.

Stupid dad.

Source: Obvious Winner

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