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HELP THE OATMEAL Build A Goddamn Tesla Museum!

 Humor website, The Oatmeal, would like your help in buying Tesla’s never completed factory, Wardenclyffe, in Shoreham, NY which is now up for sale so they can turn it into a museum for science’s most ignored inventor.

Sounds great right? I mean why wouldn’t people drop some coin on the Serbian-born American scientist who wanted to invent a way to give the world free electricity so they wouldn’t have to be beholden to a conglomerate monster?

Even the state of New York is backing Oatmeal’s play. If they can raise $850,000 (click HERE for the fundraising site), NY will match them dollar for dollar.

Now, because this all sounds like it’s gonna work out in the end and there will be a rousing celebration complete with fireworks and a musical performance by Dave Matthews (pure conjecture on my part of course), you know that an evil retail developer is lurking in the background to level the factory and turn it into various incarnations of The Gap.

And by god there is!

If The Oatmeal can’t raise the $850,000 (or more to help sweeten the deal), then Bob Evil (the retail developer) will win the bid and will ground Tesla’s bones into paste.

So think of this proposal like The Goonies, if you give money then you’re saving the Goondocks from that asshole Troy’s dad.

So do it Dammit!

Source: Tecca

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