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SMELL LIKE JAMES BOND (Don’t Worry, It Doesn’t Come In “Balls Beaten With A Sack” Scent)

With the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond franchise coming up this November, there’s gonna be a whole lotta Bond up in this here Internet and with the much anticipated Skyfall coming out as well, all I’m saying is that you better like your Gin served up cold and shaken.

Now, this particular fragrance (which is a celebratory expression of James Bond’s reign a numero coolio) doesn’t have much information on what it smells like but I’m guessing it will be comprised of sex, gun powder and just a hint of STD to make things interesting.

It also has no cost attached to it yet so be prepared to shell out some coin for you to musk up a room like Jimmy boy.

All-in-all, this cologne is as mysterious as 007 and as soon as more info is available, I’ll totally forget I wrote this post and never let you know anything more about it.

Oh look, here’s an ad for it.

JAMES BOND Fragrance For Men from JAMES BOND 007 on Vimeo.

source: Uncrate

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