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Look Out World, Here Comes BLOODSUCKA JONES!

I’ve been waiting for this one for some time, and now having seen the trailer, I’m not disappointed.

David’s new girlfriend is a vampire and it is her destiny to kill him her first love but Bloodsucka Jones 70’s style vampire hunter, goofball, general bad ass and his sexy sidekick Vanessa help David a small group of idiots fight an army of douchebag vampires a horror comedy with graphic violence, nudity, kids cursing, muscle cars, vampires, crushed heads, gallons of bloods, screaming, biting, and general awesomeness.

And while I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be set in the Seventies or if Bloodsucka himself is the throwback, I’m hoping that someone gives filmmakers Preston Gant and Justin Armao a budget and let them work their magic on a bigger scale.  So many films are so worried about being cult films out of the gate or let the moniker “grindhouse” serve as an excuse for shoddy storytelling, I’m really happy to see that this film seems to maintain the rare, but always appreciate tongue-in-cheek humor.

After the jump check out the one sheet and the trailer for Bloodsucka Jones!

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