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CHOCOLATE MULTI-SIDED DICE Will Give You +1 Deliciousness During Your All-Night Gaming Nerdathon

 I’m almost jealous that these exist.

I mean, back in my day we had to subsist on a diet of only Doritos and RC Cola during our lengthy elfin quests, not chocolate (which probably wouldn’t have helped with the complexion problems of my fellow gamers now that I think about it).

You kids get everything!

And now you assholes, who had the audacity of being born DURING THE 90S FOR F*CK SAKE, can load up on gourmet gaming dice made out of frakking Ghirardelli chocolate!

And the worst part is that a set of 6 (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) only costs $7.99.

That’s right, for eight bucks you can wallow in the awesomeness of being young during a time when chocolate dice exists.

I hate you all so damn much.

Source; Foodiggity

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