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DIVINE YOUR FUTURE During the Zombie Apocalypse With These Supernatural Zombie Tarot Cards

 Let’s face it, you are most likely going to be eaten and turned into a member of the walking dead after the government accidentally releases a toxic gas from one of its secret underground laboratories am I right?

So you might as well get yourself emotionally prepared for your slaughter by asking the Zombie Tarot Cards the when, where and how questions now while you still have a brain in your head.

Based upon the traditional “Rider Deck”, these elegantly illustrated cards exchange the classic wands for limbs, pentacles for bio-hazard signs and the Major Arcana for corpses (how fun!).

The 78-card set also comes with a 96-page instruction book explaining how to survive the zombie apocalypse and forecast your future by using one of three different card layouts [Plasticland].

So buy a set now while you still can.

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