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Musical Wizards

Dear Hollywood,

I made you a mix list.
I would have made you a mix tape, but that feels too sincere.

And not in keeping with the love/hate thing we have going on. Plus the exchange of tangible items is so 1995. It’s all about inventories these days.

The following compilation is not just for you though Hollywood; it is dedicated to the composers. The unsung heroes who, with nimble fingers and good ears, can turn the most unremarkable film into a thing of majestic introspection.
Lost in Translation composer – Brian Reitzell

The musical wizards amplify the protagonist’s emotional rock bottom with an acoustic guitar, distract from unconvincing acting with a harp and add tension to futuristic chase sequences with a synth and a drum machine. They cast ambiguity when it is needed, heighten tension and know when to drop twinkly piano into a sex scene. They are the thread that knits together the directors quilt of overall purpose. Or something.
Below is my all time favourite film compositions for your listening pleasure. 
Please make this play list, but be warned, as you listen you will start to feel a little strange. You may have the sudden urge to cry, score the winning touchline, rescue a child from a burning building, tell that guy how you really feel and have sex with Harvey Keitel.

But just go with it.


The Portal (For Whom The Bell Tolls) From Donnie Darko
By Steve Baker and Carmen Daye

You will now feel the urge to stand in a road in your pyjamas smiling inanely to yourself.
Flight to Neverland From Hook
By John Williams

You will now feel the urge to find father figures in the most unlikely of places
Lux Aeterna From Requiem for a Dream
By Clint Mansell

You will now feel the urge to seek comfort in the thatching of an old mans beard
The Heart Asks Pleasure First From The Piano
By Michael Nyman

You will not feel the urge to play chopsticks on a Casio
O Verona From Romeo & Juliet
By Craig Armstrong 

You will now feel the urge to challenge most people to a duel
Welcome to Lunar Industries From Moon
By Clint Mansell

You will now feel the urge to sweat onto a picture of yourself

Clint Mansell. What a legend.

Death is The Road To Awe From The Fountain
By Clint Mansell

You will now feel the urge to meet a Spaniard.
The Surface Of The Sun From Sunshine
By John Murphy

You will now feel the urge to look directly into the sun
Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Minor From The Royal Tenenbaums
By The Mutato Muzika Orchestra

You will now feel the urge to have a definite style
The whole of The Brothers Bloom soundtrack 
By Nathan Johnson

You will now feel the urge to be underrated.

Dead Bodies From The Virgin Suicides
By Air

You will now feel the urge to be overrated.
The Journey to the West From Princess Mononoke
By  Joe Hisaishi

 You will now feel the urge to be animated
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MD

    October 28, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Nice mix. Have to love Clint Mansell and (h)Air (as my french friend calls them). What about Tom Tykwer's little ditty that was in his segment in Paris Je T'aime…one gets the feeling that the world is passing them by, drowned with the fumes of poppy as Keats would say. Makes me want to go stand in a metro station with headphones and live life. In a time lapse haha

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