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WATCH THE GREATEST EVENT In Television History…And That’s Not Just Spectacular Hyperbole

 There are very few 80s television shows that, for me, were as spank-worthy as the brother detective team of Simon and Simon (not to be confused with Simon and Garfunkel which were a singing duo who fought a lot).

Oh sure, Magnum P.I was worth a couple of nub rubs, what with his awesomely masculine ‘stache and all, but the sizzling sexuality of duo Rick Simon (Gerald McRaney) and A.J (Jameson Parker) were the only dudes who made a very teenage me see stars.

And seeing that the following video, which re-creates the opening credits of Simon and Simon shot-by-shot with Jon Hamm and Adam Scott (both of whom have the effervescent lickability of McRaney and Parker,) will be worth my time, I will definitely be viewing it while wearing lingerie and surrounded by vanilla-scented candles to set the mood.

You see, It takes me longer to achieve television satisfaction now that I am in my late thirties …don’t judge me.

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