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 Lloyd Kaufman (President and co-founder of Troma Entertainment) really wants people to make movies (and no, we aren’t talking about amateur porn).

So much so, that he has launched a YouTube channel that “…will post free secrets to financing, producing, and selling movies which Lloyd Kaufman has gained over 40 years in the film industry, along with segments featuring the film industry’s leading producers, directors, and actors, such as, James Gunn, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Eli Roth, Penelope Spheeris, Stan Lee, George Romero, Jenna Fisher, Roger Corman, David Cronenberg, and many more [Troma].

The channel will work as a companion piece to his 2003 How-to book and DVD series Make Your Damn Movie (and if you don’t own this set, you really should) which broke down the essentials of film making so that anyone with a camera and an idea could get started.

If you are a real movie buff who has been playing around with the idea of making a short or feature film but are too broke to attend film school, check out Troma’s You-Tube channel and start taking some notes.

Who knows, in a couple of years you might end up on the FOG! website being adored by me.

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