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CELEBRATE ALTERNATIVE FESTIVE DAYS this Year With the Calendar of Silly Holidays

 It is hard to believe how fast an entire year goes by isn’t it?

I mean, here you are getting ready to celebrate Name Your Car Day back in October and them BAM! you’re rushing through Peanut Butter Lover’s Day until you’re only about 72 hours from the most wonderful time of year…Letter Writing Day (Dec. 7th).

It’s like the year can’t wait to be over.

But you know what might help make it easier to keep track of those special days of the year? A calendar dedicated to the celebrations that you hold so dear (personally, I call out on Video Game Day- July 9th).

This collection of 4″x6″ illustrated cards will not only keep those holidays foremost in your mind (like Answer Your Cat’s Question Day- Jan.23rd) they will also look smashing on your wall, fridge or desk.

So order yours now, otherwise you just might miss Leisure Suit Saturday next year (Mar. 30th).

Source: Kid Crave

BTW: All these holidays are actually true

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