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FOOD GEEK: Impress Your Potter-Fanatic Friends With These Golden Snitch Truffles

 For the lay-person, the Harry Potter series ended a while ago, but for those of us who mourn the passing of time without The Chosen One, we are able to keep the love alive through countless hours on Pottermore, saving up for the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection or simply re-reading the books every few weeks like lunatics.

And it is precisely those fanatics (myself included) that would truly love you forever if you happened to make a bunch of Golden Snitch truffles that we could stuff into our mouths.

…and by love, I mean the carnal kind…

The recipe includes some artistic talent so I suggest that if you do not possess such a trait, you might want to talk a friend who does into helping you with them.

The recipe can be found HERE


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