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GOT A LOT OF GEEKY/NERDY STUFF TO SELL? Join Hazarai, An Online Social Marketplace For Dorks, By Dorks

 If you have spent years accumulating random nerdy odds and ends that have resulted in your home looking like a hoarders wet dream, you might want to think about perhaps putting some of that stuff up for sale (seriously, how many copies of the Saved by the Bell board game do you need?).

And lucky for you there’s a new marketplace in town that caters to your particular strain of geek nostalgia, Hazarai.

With no fees to list or sell your stuff and categories that are specific to Nerds (Action Figures, Indie Comics, Movie/TV Memorabilia, WTF, etc.) you will be able to connect with like-minded maniacs who are in serious need to find and own that copy of THE X FILES OFFICIAL FAN CLUB ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT SEASON 2 5/10/95 VHS tape you managed to snag back when things like that mattered:

If you are more of a buyer than a seller, there’s a plethora of items that will delight your senses. From original art (Dark Starry Knight):

To Sweet Ass Collectors Comics (Spiderman’s First Appearance):

To something as simple as a set of Star Trek glasses for you home:

It’s a damn fine place to make money and then, subsequently, give it all away.

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