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TIE ONE ON: The Tie Flask Makes It Easy To Service Your Booze Craving While Still Maintaining Your Business-Like Demeanor

 I know from experience that after a particularly grueling day filled with meetings and six or seven birthday parties for your asshole co-workers, that what one really craves in life (usually around at 3:00pm) is a little booze sliding down their throat so that they can numb those pesky emotions.

And, for the dudes at least, you can now imbibe in some of that liquid afternoon delight BY SUCKING ON YOUR TIE BOOZE POUCH…I’m so jealous.

And, since there are a plethora of colors that you can choose from, I suggest that you get one for every day of the week (the ties run around $28 a piece).

I can guarantee that your working life is about to get a lot better.

Source: Fooddiggity

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