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AT THE END OF YOUR LIFE, You Want the Peace of Knowing That No One Can Trace Your Hentai Addiction

A medical ID bracelet can come in handy for all sorts of illnesses, but what we really want when the end is nigh is not for the emergency room doctors to know that we are diabetic, but that someone needs to get over to our house ASAP and wipe our browser history (and, quite possibly, the hard drive).

 After-all, no one wants their parents/significant other/children to end up with the knowledge that their relative was a huge, disgusting pervert (Why add to their already monumental disappointment in you).

 So, for the sake of your reputation (because no one needs to know that you have an entire external hard drive dedicated to nip slips) you might want to think about ordering yourself a medical ID bracelet and having the most important info ever engraved on it: 


 It’s all about being proactive people.

 Source: Gizmodo

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