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HELLO, IS IT TEA YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? Lionel Ritchie Is Immortalized As A Teapot/Cup Set

Look, I am spotlighting this amazing tea set not because it’s particularly awesome, but because, upon seeing it, I laughed for ten solid minutes.

 And in this day-and-age very little amuses me anymore (I think it has something to do with being almost forty and not having a savings account) so yes, anything that causes sound to come out of my mouth that isn’t a whimper deserves to be honored.

 So buy this tea set for anyone who enjoys Mr. Ballerina Girl or Dancing on the Ceiling. They will enjoy it.

 Oh, and you can stock it with Mr. T tea bags as well:

It’ll help bring the whole 80s experience full circle.

 Source: Incredible Things



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