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My 2013 Tech Predictions

It’s time once again for my yearly prognostications about technology and gadgets.

This year’s list includes some probables, and also some that are just for fun, or even wishful thinking.


Macbooks will go Retina across the board
This is inevitable, but I have a hunch it will come sooner than expected.

iPad Mini 2 will be Retina
Another no-brainer, and I think this too will come sooner rather than later.

ipad Mini, Apple

iPad 5 will be shockingly thinner and lighter
I think Apple could pull off an unexpected stunner with a significantly redesigned iPad 5.

iPad 5 will get a max storage bump to 128GB or even 256GB
This is longer overdue.  A digital issue of any given magazine is a whopping 500MB.  Do the math.

Apple, Batman, iPad, The Dark Knight
“Alfred, download the latest season of Modern Family for me”

iPhone 5S will get a storage bump
This is even more overdue than the iPad’s current storage ceiling.

Apple TV App Store will arrive, but still no new Apple “TV”
Contrary to popular belief, I do not think Apple will put out a real “TV” this year.  But I do think that the App Store will make it’s way to the existing model Apple TV, or a new one with beefier specs, but not one with a built-in display.

Apple will miss Scott Forstall

Scott Forstall, Apple, ipod, Steve Jobs

How well can Apple manage a transition out of OS X without the guy that transitioned them from OS 9 into OS X, and re-jiggered OS X into iOS?  Apple is now minus two “a$$holes” (Steve and Scott) who got things done.  There will be more on this in my next column.

OS X 10.9 and beyond
The inevitable OS X 10.9 announcement will be a joint reveal of not just 10.9 (which I think will be a very minor update) but also of Apple’s post OS X plan, which will be a merging of of iOS and OS X and will simply be called “iOS”

Amazon will release an extremely cheap Kindle TV
This makes sense for plenty of obvious reasons.

Google will re-brand Chromebooks as “Android” laptops
…and people will actually start buying them.

Microsoft buys RIM
…and integrates BBM and BES into the Windows Phone ecosystem.  Both companies are at a crossroads when it comes to the future of mobile enterprise and convergence could keep them relevant.

PS4 and a new Xbox will launch
They will be obscenely expensive and lack innovation beyond spec bumps, yet rabid console gamers will still gobble them up.

SoundCloud is bought by Yahoo, Google, or Facebook
… and is ruined.

Soundcloud, creator page, music
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