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PLAY FIND THE NIPPLE With These Pop Art-Inspired Body Paintings By Artist Emma Hack

Pop Art, Emma Hack, Body Painting, Roy Lichtenstein, Nudity

As someone who gets to see two awesome boobies everyday thanks to the XX gene, I must say that naked chicks slathered in paint really don’t do it for me, but I can see how it would be nice for others so, this post is for you.

Besides, artist Emma Hack certainly isn’t a stranger to painting naked people (her Car Crash Naked Sculpture was a “hit” for the Motor Accident Commission in Australia) and she continues her work with the female form by introducing a series of “Paintings” inspired by the Pop Art movement (and, Roy Lichtenstein, in particular it seems).

Each piece consists of a chick painted to look as if she is embedded into the artwork where you can then pass the time by searching for an erect nipple (I’m guessing this isn’t the goal of Hack’s work, but it is what happens every time I am looking at one)…I might be oversimplifying the deeper meaning behind her work, I don’t know.

I will admit that the pieces are really beautiful  and inspire an appreciation for the subject, but still, I can’t help looking at the nipples.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

Emma Hack, Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein, Body Painting

Emma Hack, Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein, Body Painting

Emma Hack, Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein, Body Painting

Emma Hack, Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein, Body Painting

Source: Hi Consumption

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