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YOU WILL ALWAYS LOOK STYLIN’ With the Dress For Dinner Napkin

Looking good is not only difficult to achieve but can wear on your wallet in such a way that people have gone into deep debt for nothing more than hair gel and Axe body spray. So why spend hours trying to make yourself into an attractive member of society when all you have to do to be one of the beautiful people is to unfold a napkin, stick the end of it in your shirt and BAM! you are sizzling hot?

Seriously, that’s all it takes to appeal to the vapid whores who will judge the character of your being solely on materialistic things…a fancy tie napkin.

Oh sure, at first you’ll will get some looks from the Drakkar Noir crowd but as soon as you affect an ironic demeanor you will be praised for your fashion choice (this only works in bar/restaurants that go by one name like Melt, Thirst or Ennui…you’ll have to think of something else if you go to Chili’s or Bennigan’s).

And at $6.99 for a pack, why, it’s almost too good to pass up.

Let me know if you are able to get laid by sporting one of these. I have a feeling you will.

Source: Hi Consumption

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