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ZERO HOUR: “Strike” S1E1 (review)

By Rich Redman

History Is Destiny
Beneath a church in Germany, in 1938, we see a Rosicrucian cross. Supervised by a priest, some men are building clocks. A prophecy about the end times is mentioned in conjunction with the Nazis making “a breakthrough.”

Two priests argue about prophecy, and one says that the dead have risen. The priests go to a hospital and visit a child “born of no womb.”

The baby’s eyes are very pale with tiny pupils. Guards discover their presence and they escape.

In a conference under the cathedral, the priests confer with some Rosicrucians, who have something hidden under the cathedral. They are moving something they have hidden for a long time. A German officer appears, carrying a Rosicrucian cross. From the shadows, he warns the men that a Nazi convoy is right behind him. The Nazis arrive and shoot everyone. One of the priests says, as he lies dying, that not even God can help anymore. “Only the Twelve can.”

Jump ahead to Brooklyn in the present. We meet Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards) and Laila Galliston (Jacinda Barrett). She is hunting for treasure at a flea market. She focuses on watches and clocks. He has to leave to publish Modern Skeptic magazine. She finds one of the clocks the Rosicrucians were making in 1938, buys it, and takes it back to her shop.

Back at the magazine, we meet Arron Martin (Scott Michael Foster) and Rachel Lewis (Addison Timlin). Hank, Arron, and Rachel spar over content for the magazine. Laila calls, panicking, because someone has broken into the shop. Hank has Arron call the police and rushes to Laila’s aid.

He finds the shop wrecked, and Laila gone.

Roll Opening Titles

The NYPD seems strangely reluctant, or unable, to work the case. Hank calls them on it, pointing out that whoever took Laila took nothing else. to no effect. Hank goes home, where Arron and Rachel join him to start working the case. Just as Hank notices the clock from the flea market, the FBI (Rebecca Riley, played by Carmen Ejogo; and Jim, played by Nick Baillie) shows up.

The FBI are surprisingly forthcoming, showing footage from a traffic camera that shows the abduction. They identify the kidnapper as a mercenary named White Vincent (Michael Nyqvist). They also suggest that Laila might be other than the victim. Hank gets offended and chucks them out.

Hank goes back to the clock and starts examining it. He tells his young reporters that he learned a lot about clocks from all the time he’s spent with Laila. Inside the clock, he finds a diamond. Examining it with a flashlight, he projects something inscribed inside the diamond onto a wall. Arron sees it first, and recognizes a map of Western Europe.

Hank denies that it is a treasure map, calling them inventions of Robert Louis Stevenson. Rachel insists that The Goonies was not a B-movie. Hank and the gang go to see “the priest” (Charles S. Dutton). He says that the text is Demotic, a language dead since the 2nd Century. Yet the map is of the Western Hemisphere, so they are re-writing history. He also finds a Rosicrucian symbol.

White Vincent calls Hank. He says that if Hank knew the truth, Hank would lose his mind as Vincent has. He also calls Hank brother, and says that “Henry” is not Hank’s real name. Vincent insists that he get the clock back or he will kill Laila.

The priest insists that they hold on to the diamond and bait Vincent with the clock. Hank goes to the FBI immediately, but tells them nothing about the clock or the diamond. He says Vincent wants money. FBI Agent Rebecca Riley says she doesn’t believe Hank, but as long as his information leads to Vincent, she will play along.

The meeting with Vincent turns out to be a distraction. It focused Hank and the FBI on a park, while Vincent attacked the priest and got the diamond. Hank figures things out, but too late to protect the priest.

Hank and Rebecca follow the map, into the Arctic Circle. Rebecca admits that she is a former social councilor and a widow, whose husband died in a plane crash outside Moscow. Chechen terrorists were blamed for downing the plane, but Vincent made the bomb.

We get to see Vincent in a hotel bathroom, in Canada, removing his contacts. His eyes are like those of the baby in 1938.

In Canada, Hank and Rebecca hire a bush pilot who tells them that a man with an accent was there the day before, wanting to go to the same place. Weather grounded the pilot yesterday, but today he can fly Hank and Rebecca.

Arron and Rachel go to Bavaria, tracking the man who made the clock. They find the man, and show him a picture of the clock. He crosses himself.

At the location marked on the map, they find a WWII German submarine embedded in the ice.

The clockmaker, a Rosicrucian, asks if blood has been spilled. When Arron and Rachel say yes, the clockmaker says it is just as it was. “They” are killing to find the clocks, again. Hank and Rebecca explore the submarine.

The clockmaker tells Arron and Rachel a story about how the Catholic Church, without telling the Pope, commissioned twelve new Apostles to combat the Nazi conspiracy. Christ entrusted a man with saving mankind in 1938, not two thousand years ago. The Rosicrucians entrusted the Twelve with a secret that could bring about the end of the world. Rebecca says the entire crew of the submarine was executed.

The Twelve scattered across the four corners of the world, to keep the secret. One clock was made for each of the Twelve. The Nazis were experimenting with the secret of eternal life, making God irrelevant. The secret was somehow related to this.

Hank finds the German officer from 1938, with his Rosicrucian cross, frozen in the sub. We see the officer’s face for the first time, and he is Hank’s twin.

The Nazis ended, but the experiments did not. The clockmaker tells the reporters to find the clocks before the enemy does. A storm is coming. The storm will pit science against religion, country against country.

The storm is called Zero Hour.

Hank stumbles out of the submarine, retching, just as Vincent pulls up in an SUV.

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