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HERE’S WHAT AN ANIMATED Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon Might Have Looked Like

While I admire Bill Watterson’s ability to walk away from a popular strip like Calvin and Hobbes before it slid into mediocrity, I am also very sad that there was never a cartoon or animated holiday special to tide me over whenever I needed a fix (Watterson is vehemently against the commercialization of C and H and will never allow his creations to become watered down versions of themselves although, he wouldn’t mind a cartoon version to be made, if the right people were involved). 

Enter Adam Brown (Ugly Americans).

Brown took Watterson’s drawings and animated them for a :27 piece of history that will hopefully stoke the fan fires enough to maybe get a Calvin and Hobbes animated short made in the near future.

Do I sense a Kickstarter campaign?

Let’s hope so.

Source: Gawker

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