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WHAT TO GET THE SERIAL KILLER Who Has Everything? How About the Gentleman’s Apron

Look, I realize that this handcrafted from the skin of children waxed canvas and leather apron is probably going to be used by people who don’t pop a boner for the smell of warm blood, but it just feels creepy and so, I’m thinking that if you do happen to know someone who enjoys a little bit of killing, they might be in need of an apron that can hold their murder kit effectively.

And this Gentleman’s Apron will certainly fit the bill (it even shows where the “Skull Splitter” could comfortably rest).

Designed by TRVR, and made for manly men who need access to tools quickly (you know, in case their victim is squirmy) each pocket and strap is tough enough for all the implements and devices needed to get the job done well.

Keeps the Piano Wire Safe and Snag-Free

Yep, it certainly is a perfect apron for murdering woodworking.

Source: Hi Consumption

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