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WTF FRIDAY: There’s A Fish Roaming the Seas With Human-Like Teeth…Just Thought You Would Like to Know

So, uh, I don’t mean to scare you or anything, but there’s this fish called the Sheepshead that sort of has an overbite consisting of human-like teeth and it apparently lives in the Mid-Atlantic JUST LIKE A NORMAL FISH…which it clearly isn’t.

Seriously, there’s no way that this is a real fish.  Gaze into it’s mouth.  Does that look like any fucking fish you have ever seen?


I mean, if you were unaware of its existence (like I was) and just so happened to have pulled it up out of the depths of the water, dangling from your fishing pole, you would do the right thing…scream like a horror movie victim before throwing it, your pole, and everything else in the boat into the water so you can get to shore faster.

You know what? After looking at this thing I’m pretty sure we are seeing evolution in progress.  In fact, I bet in a million years or so we humans will be replaced as a species and you will see walking, talking Archosargus probatocephalus (who will all be in need of braces) sitting on futons watching reality TV and using their Appalachian Mountain dweller teeth to gnaw on some Cheetos.

You think I might be overreacting to a simple fish with orthodontic issues?

Take a look at this video and tell me you aren’t a bit upset that this thing is alive and kicking:

Yeah, deep down you know as well as I, you would shit your pants and cry if you happen to see one of these in person.

Source: Scientific American

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