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A SUPER-CUT OF Law & Order’s Fakest Websites…And Yes, There’s A Lot of Porn Ones

As an addict of both the original Law and Order and SVU, I have sat through countless episodes where I have learned, via the fake websites, that the internet is filled with prepubescent spank banks selling innocence for a monthly fee, that there are specially made apps for the best peeping spots in NYC and if you really want to know about a victim’s life, you just need to check their FaceUnion page…seriously? FaceUnion?

But what really makes me happy is the porn sites that I get to see each week on SVU which are so amazingly named that I truly hope that someone has bought all the domain names and will begin making use of them as soon as humanly possible.

Oh, and if you too would like a crack at, be sure to do a look-up on Searchling to see if it’s available…you know, Searchling. It’s just like Google.

Just watch and enjoy.

Source: I Watch Stuff

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