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CROCHET Yourself A Yip! Yip! From Sesame Street

In the Sesame Street pantheon the Yip Yips range somewhere near the bottom (somewhat like Ganymede, cupbearer of the gods’ palace at Olympus- you know, if you are into pantheons and stuff).

But regardless of their lowly stature, they still remain an integral part of the SS universe and should be given props based strictly upon their weirdness (aliens who get really interested in things like clocks and radios).

In fact, the craftastic artiste, Dvortygirl, has created a lovely little crochet pattern of the Yip Yips for those of you out there with some mad needle skillz (and no, I’m not referring to you junkies) who might be burned out on all the Amigurumi geek crap being put out into the universe.

All Hail the Yip! Yip!

(if you are unfamiliar with the Yips, there’s a video after the break…be prepared to fall in love)

Source: Geek Crafts

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