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WE CAN DANCE IF WE WANT TO: Just Not Within a Quarter Mile of A Church or Cemetery In South Carolina (America’s 50 Weirdest Laws Still On the Books)

Did you know that in Rhode Island it is illegal to chew off any part of another person’s body? What about in Florida where, during a hurricane, a liquor store owner can go to jail for selling booze?

These are just a couple of state rules that have been written into law and forgotten about…until someone is brought up on charges for something like salting railroad tracks to attract cows (Yeah, that one is in Florida).

But of all the weird-ass laws that this fine country has seen fit to legislate, there is one that gives me hope that not all is lost, for in Illinois if you are under the age of 21 but are enrolled in a culinary arts program, you are legally allowed to drink alcohol.

Thank you Illinois for a loop hole that will make the years of 18-20 worth living.

More odd laws after the break in video form (please, like I was going to make you read).

Source: Uproxx

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