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WrestleMania 29 Results: John Cena beats The Rock for the WWE Title

By Atlee Greene

WrestleMania 29 emanated from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey in front of a reported sold out crowd on 80,676.

The main event was a rematch between The Rock and John Cena for the WWE title.

Cena lost to The Rock at last year’s WrestleMania, which not only the high drawing match in the history of professional wrestling but served as the catalyst for 2012 being worst year in Cena’s WWE career. The leader of the CeNation bounced back in January by winning the Royal Rumble, which gave him the golden ticket to fight for the title.

The finish came when it looked like Cena was attempting erase last year’s blunder by making good on his People’s Elbow.

Instead, he tricked the Rock and went for his signature maneuver, the Attitude Adjustment but Rock countered into the Rock Bottom, the Rock’s finishing move, which Cena kicked out of for the third time. Rock went for a fourth Rock Bottom, but Cena turned the tide and delivered a third and final Attitude Adjustment for the 1-2-3. The two shook hands and embraced afterwards, which received a negative reaction from the capacity crowd in attendance.

This win marks John Cena’s 11th WWE Championship victory, the most in company history.

Triple H defeated former UFC juggernaut, Brock Lesnar in a No Hold Barred match where, if he lost, his career would have been over.

The Game avenged his father in law and WWE CEO, Vince McMahon, who suffered a broken hip at the hands of a Lesnar assault in February. After a series of arm wrenching Kimura locks, Triple H hit Lesnar with a Pedigree on the steel steps for a pin fall victory.

This was a slow and plodding match that bored the crowd and almost sucked the life out of the show.

Undertaker extended his WrestleMania streak to 21-0 by defeating CM Punk with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Over the last several weeks, Punk made a mockery of the passing of the Undertaker’s long time manager, Paul Bearer. He even went so far as to steal Paul Bearer’s urn and pour it’s ashes on a beaten and battered Undertaker, last Monday night on Raw.

This story line left a lot of fans feeling uncomfortable and offended, despite the blessing of Paul Bearer’s family. This was an action packed match from bell to bell. Punk pulled out all the stops as didn’t care how he ended the streak, even if it meant doing so via the cheap method of a count out. The end came when Undertaker fought out of a GTS (Go To Sleep), and nailed Punk with a second Tombstone for the pin fall.

Many expected this to be the best match of the evening and it certainly delivered.

Mexico’s Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger and his manager, Zeb Coulter’s anti-immigration rhetoric had fueled the fire going into the match. It was Swagger’s belief that taking the title from Del Rio would be a major step in taking back America.

Both athletes are two of the most technically superior wrestlers on the mat. In the end, Del Rio forced Swagger to tap out with his arm bar submission.

Ballroom dancing newcomer, Fandango defeated Chris Jericho in his ring debut. This was a hard affair where the new guy usually has to squeak by in order to obtain victory. Fandango proved there was more to his “Dancing with the Stars” persona, held his own, and countered the veteran’s “Wall of Jericho” (Boston Crab), with a roll up for the pin fall victory.

Jericho’s role over the last couple of years has been losing to up and coming talent in order to help establish them and give them the credibility they need to thrive in a main event capacity. The first Undisputed champion is considered by his peers and industry insiders to be one of the greatest in-ring performers of this generation. Having a bad match with Jericho is almost impossible and usually a sign of a wrestler not having the right stuff to make it on the roster. Fandango was put in a high pressure situation of having his debut match, against Jericho, at WrestleMania. Opinions were mixed as to how the rookie would fair going into the contest and it’s safe to say he earned a perfect 10.

Team Hello No, Daniel Bryan and Kane, defeated Dolph Ziggler and his bodyguard Big E Langston to retain the tag team titles. Many were hoping that Ziggler would cash in his Money in the Bank brief case which entitles him to a World Heavyweight Championship match anywhere, anytime between now and July. Unfortunately, this did not come to pass.

In other action, Mark Henry defeated Ryback, and tried inflicting more pain on his defeated foe but would be thwarted as Ryback lifted the 400 lb. Henry on his shoulders, marched around the ring and drilled him into the canvas with Shell Shocked. The Shield went over on the superstar trio of Sheamus, Randy Orton, and The Big Show when Dean Ambrose pinned Orton after getting hit with a spear. Post-match shenanigans saw an angry Big Show cheap shot Orton and Sheamus with his WMD punch in response to not being tagged into the match during the closing moments. On the internet pre-show, The Miz defeated England’s Wade Barrett to capture the Intercontinental championship for the second time.

While it was visually stunning from a production standpoint, the show was very predictable, boring at times, and nothing shocking in any way, shape, or form took place.

They ran short on time and had to scrap the 8 person tag team match that will most likely happen tonight on Raw. This is definitely not the norm when it comes to WrestleMania.

I expected better from a show that cost $60.00 for standard and $70.00 for high definition on pay-per-view.

My grade for the show is, Meh.

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