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Book Report: Dan Brown’s No Laughing Matter, Locus Award Winners, CNN Names Best Bookstores & More

Brick and Mortar 
CNN presents the country’s best indie bookstores.

Mother’s Day Special 
Barnes & Noble has put the Nook HD line on sale just in time for Mother’s Day.

The Author Exploitation Business 
David Gaughran on vanity publishers and the risk authors take.

How Graphic Novels Became the Hottest Section in the Library 
Five years ago, graphic novels weren’t the rage they are now, especially in libraries.  Here’s how.

Senate Passes Marketplace Fairness Act 
The Act will give more tax money to states, but it will now have to pass in the House of Representatives.

Britain’s Most Remote Bookshop for Sale 
It’s located deep within the Scottish Highlands, but haven’t you always wanted to live in Scotland and run a bookshop?

World Book Night Stats 
After another successful World Book Night, the numbers are in on how it went.

2013 Locus Award Finalists 
The Locus Award finalists have been released!

The Fate of Today’s Book Bloggers 
While I don’t believe I necessarily subscribe to this, Tobias Bucknell on the status quo of book bloggers.

Microsoft Mulling Nook Media
Microsoft has show interest in acquiring Nook Media for the heft price tag of $1 billion.

Viral Signage 
“This is a Bookshop” sign, thanks to Reddit, has gone viral!

10 Worst Mothers in Books 
Publishers Weekly presents ten of the worst mother characters in literature.

Don’t Make Fun of Renowned Dan Brown 
Why Dan Brown shouldn’t be ridiculed as the hack writer he might not be.

Book Cupcakes 
And to round out the book news some impressive book cover cupcakes.

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