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CRAFTY GEEK: Make A Bunch of Lucky Origami Nintendo Stars

When I am sitting on the couch, watching hours of The Office, I try to dispel the nagging feeling that I’m psychotically lazy by engaging in something creative like knitting, embroidery or origami. And, when nosy and vindictive people ask me what I did all day, I have tangible evidence that my life, while pathetic, isn’t simply an exercise in avoiding adulthood and/or responsibility (although it really is….shhhhh).

Of course, this simple little exercise in creating a bunch of lucky origami Nintendo stars isn’t just a perfect way to stop all that self-loathing while making something fun, you could even use it as an excuse to set up shop at a flea market and charge .50 for a scoop of these adorable little things if you were so inclined, thus making some pocket change off of creating what is essentially a way to pass the time while watching TV.

A career is born!

After the break are the step-by-step instructions (by Skels from Geek Crafts)

Step 1: Grab your cutting tools and some nice yellow paper (just regular copy paper will do) and cut a strip of paper along the short edge of the sheet. I cut my strips to 1 cm.

Step 2: Loosely tie a knot in your paper towards one end of the strip.

Step 3: Gently pull the paper tight (without crumpling) and flatten the knot.

Step 4: Tuck the short end of your strip back into the knot. If it’s quite long you can trim it back to about 1 cm so it tucks in neatly.

Step 5: You should have ended up with a pentagon shape at the end of your strip.

Step 6: Fold the rest of your strip around the pentagon, keeping the shape. When you reach the end of the strip tuck in the end in the same way you did before.

Step 7: This is the more tricky part. Take hold of the shape and pinch in around the corners, creating dimples in the edges of the pentagon. The shape will start to puff out, and your star’s points will start to form. Do this for all 5 points.

Step 8: Carefully draw black lines for your star’s eyes on your favourite side (or both), and you’re done! If you trim your paper to 1 cm strips you can make 29 stars from one sheet of A4 paper (about 8.5 x 11 inches), which you can then store in a nice glass jar, string together to make a garland, or just scatter throughout your apartment, annoying your boyfriend.

If the written instructions are unclear, here’s a video of how to make an origami star:

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