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YANKEE CANDLES Gets Manly…And No, They Don’t Have Smegma-Scented Tea Lights

Yankee Candles has always been the mainstay for the ladies who want nothing more in this life than to be surrounded by the smell of Buttercream Frosting, but now the purveyors of smells have decided to appeal to the dudes (who might enjoy taking a horrendously foul shit among the smell-alike scents of a football) by releasing a line of candles that will bring out his sensitive side.

Granted, if you are a man who has dated a Yankee Candle fan you have probably ended up owning the  Drakkar Noir-version called Midsummer’s Night:

(and if you have, I apologize that you have had to smell the 80’s for 30-odd years) 

But don’t worry, this new line of man-specific scents won’t have your home smelling like an episode of Miami Vice.

Not when it can smell like… A Football Game (orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather):

A Riding Mower (summery scent of freshly cut grass.):


A Night at the Movies  (buttered popcorn):

Bacon! (sizzling bacon):

And, my personal favorite…Man Town (masculine blend of spices, woods and musk):

So don’t be afraid to come on down to Man Town gentlemen, it smells good all up in here!

Source: Uncrate

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