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EVER WONDER WHAT A COW’S Digestive System Looks Like? Well, Here’s A Rube Goldberg-like Machine That Will Demonstrate It…Seriously, You might Enjoy This

Since cows are weird and seemingly have no other purpose than to eat, crap and be tipped over by some drunk frat guy, I haven’t given the animal much thought, especially when it comes to their digestive system- which includes two stomachs and verping up their food and chewing on it (I know there’s more science-y words to describe the process like bolus and ruminant and reticulorumen but who wants to spend time defining them? Not me.)

But I suppose young kids would love to see a Rube Goldberg-like machine in the shape of a cow that illustrates the process via an orange ball that ultimately shoots out the wooden creatures’s ass and falls into a basket.

And you know something, I probably would like to watch it as well (mostly because I like seeing things shoot out of rectums…wait, that came out wrong).

Just watch the video below and try not to ruminate too much on what I just said.

Cow from Nova Jiang on Vimeo.

Source: Popular Science

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