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ComiXwriter™ Comic Writing Software Kickstarter Needs Your Support! But Wait, There’s More…

The comic book medium is perhaps the only art form besides the movies where a large percentage of it’s fan base wants to be involved in some capacity professionally.

For years would be screenwriters have had a number of resources to draw upon for assistance, but comic book writers have had little technological support.

Until now.

ComiXwriter will be the world’s first software solely dedicated to writing scripts for comic books and graphic novels.

In the comic book world, the script writing options have been limited to a time consuming word processor or an expensive screenwriting program that doesn’t fulfill all the specialized needs of comics. No longer. ComiXwriter will be a more affordable, easy to use comprehensive tool that will not only automate the necessary structure, but will include features allowing the writer to collaborate more effectively with the artist, colorist and letterer.

And with just over two days left, the Kickstarter needs your support to raise the last $4,000 to turn this into a reality.

But there are two things that make ComiXwriter different.

First, the talent behind the scenes.

Glenn Farrington and Steven Sashen are the two men responsible for making ComiXwriter a reality.  Farrington is the brains behind Digital Seas International, establishing internet café’s on cruise ships and Sashen is responsible for developing the very first screenwriting software.

And they are doing everything they can to make this a must have for any writer regardless of skill set or professional credit, including a number of amazing features, including:

  • Automatically changes margins
  • Instantly changes capitalization/bold/underlining
  • Properly handles line spacing
  • Built-in Outlining and Organization tools
  • Automatic Page numbering
  • Automatic Panel numbering
  • Automatic Page breaks
  • Ability to make Notation on pages
  • Ability to embed graphics
  • Ability to save in PDF,Word and RTF documents
  • Tab/Enter typing system lets you focus on story, not format
  • Available for Mac and PC
  • Customer Support: Great software comes with great responsibility
And, as exciting as all this news, it’s what they have planned after the project that gets funded that seems even more impressive.

Glenn filled me in on the latest news:

The first thing is getting the Beta into the hands of the backers of ComiXwriter. We felt this was a great way to get our Kickstarter backers more involved than just pledging money. This way the same people who will wind up using the software are the same people who will be involved in the design and function of it. We will have a private part of our website dedicated to our Beta program. Everything from questionnaires to forums. But that’s just what we are doing right away with our software.
ComiXwriter is more than just a software tool.

Our website won’t just be a commercial storefront selling our software and customer support. We plan on building it into a community. I was an executive director of America Online’s Entertainment division, so I know how to put together a vertical communal presence. What Deviant has done for artists, is what we plan on doing for writers. A place where they can meet and discuss the art and the trade with other comic book writers from all over the world. A place for writers to showcase their writing and get feedback. We will also make this a training ground. With videos from basic writing structure to more defined elements of writing like action, genre writing, dialogue etc. We’ll be sponsoring major professional writers and publishers for online chats with our community. Anything we can do to help writers hone their craft and keep them knowledgeable of industry specific news. We will also welcome artists, colorists and letterers to have a presence, and a way to network. After all this is a collaborative field.

Then comes the IOS versions.

After our initial release, we will start working on an IOS versions for tablets and smart phones. The tablet version will probably be close to a full working version while the smart phone might have similar features but not full blown.

As for future versions or plans with the ComiXwriter Software?

We’re excited about everything we do, but one related project really gets us going. We love what the Denver Comic Con has done for the Comic Book Classroom program. It has really inspired us. It is our plan to come out with a Kids version of ComiXwriter. A simpler tool with more fun interactive bells and whistles to not only get kids involved in writing comic books…but to get them doing some productive that’s fun. Anytime you can make writing fun…that’s a huge win. The skills they will learn in structure and story will help them throughout their school years and even into college. I’d like to think the next Brian K. Vaughan is some kid out there that learned this field with our Kids ComiXwriter When we finally do have a working version, the first thing we are going to do is put it in the hands of the people running the Denver Comic Con. Again, we love what they are doing and want to be a part of it.

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