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MR. DARCY GETS A STATUE: Colin Firth Finally Gets Immortalized As The Masturbatory Fodder That Was A Very Damp Mr. Darcy In ‘Pride and Prejudice’

In what I like to call, “The Wet Dream That Came Alive”, a 12-foot tall replica of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is appearing in the Serpentine Lake in London’s Hyde Park before being moved to the lake in Lyme Park where the swoon-worthy scene of Mr. Darcy emerging from said body of water in a clingy white shirt was shot back in 1995.

If you are unfamiliar with the BBC drama Pride and Prejudice that made Mr. Firth spank-a-rific just imagine how awesome Downton Abbey is and then times it about a thousand wet Colin Firths because that, my friends, is what it felt like to view this amazing Mini-Series back when there was no way to easily access chick-porn BECAUSE THERE WAS NO REAL INTERNET YET!

Can you imagine a world in which one could not simply browse through Google Images containing still shots of Colin Firth dripping with moisture?

It was a barbaric world people…a barbaric world.

So, if you are planning a get-away this year across the pond, might I suggest a pit stop to Serpentine Lake where you can rub up against Mr. Darcy and photograph yourself doing unspeakable things to him.

Feel free to post them to Facebook…I’d be happy to “Like” them.

Video of the Lake Scene after the break.

Source: Vulture

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