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NATURE GEEK NIGHTMARE FUEL: Watch A Baby King Cobra Devour A Water Snake…Then Scream Until You Are Hoarse

I’m not one of those people that are often scared of snakes. Usually I find them fascinating. But this time, watching a week old baby King Cobra stalk, kill and proceed to devour another snake, left me, well, a bit uneasy.

It’s as if I had stumbled onto a secret cannibalistic personality trait that might very well translate to humans if one of us happened to be bit by a King Cobra that isn’t filled so much with a deadly poison, but with some Zombie-like serum created in a lab manned with crazed scientists hell-bent on destroying civilization (yes, this is how my mind works).

Pondering this idea has left me a bit queasy in fact, so if you excuse me for a moment, I’m going to find a nice dark corner somewhere and proceed to hyperventilate over the possibility of this whole Zombie-King-Cobra-Apocalypse thing actually happening.

Video after the break.

Source: io9

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