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SUGAR HIGH: Cotton Candy Medical Marijuana Is Now A Real Life Thing…Finally

For anyone who’s looking for a way to make attending the local county fair fun this year, I would like to present this particular ode to summer’s favorite candy (which not only seems like the perfect way to dull the fact that you are participating in an activity that is akin to being beat to death with a sock full of batteries, it will also help you ignore the fact that you are inhaling pounds of various animal feces wafting on the breeze from the “Farm Exhibit”).

Okay, so yeah, unless you are living in Washington or Colorado, getting caught with a bag of medical marijuana cotton candy in a public place is illegal, but unless you’re eating it straight out of the bag marked MEDICAL MARIJUANA COTTON CANDY, who’s going to suspect that you are scarfing down spun sugar THC anyway? It’s like something you would see in a movie and therefore, to most of the law-abiding society, still a dream-like concept best left to those who make their living spinning tales of dope-induced hijinks on the silver screen (I figure you have until the end of the year before Pot Cotton Candy becomes a “Thing” so you might want to hop on this candy train now before it’s too late).

Unconvinced that this really works?

After the break Bud Master and Bud Jesus of The Dank City review it in all its varied complexities.

Source: Geekologie

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