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THE HOMER Becomes A Real Life Car!

In the season 2 episode of The Simpsons (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) Homer discovers that he has a half-brother named Herb Powell, a car manufacturer, who allows Homer to create his very own car as a way to appeal to the average joe. The car not only turns out to be a complete disaster it ultimately bankrupts Herb…typical Homer.

And now, some 20-some-odd years latter, the folks at Porcubimmer Motors have managed to build The Homer where it made it’s introduction into the world this past Saturday at the 24 Hours of LeMons race in California (the race where a bunch of weird little cars pretend they are actually in the 24 Hours of Le Mans- an endurance car race in France).

Check out a couple of pics (as well as a video) of The Homer after the break…here’s hoping someone gets onto creating the Monorail next.

Source: Incredible Things

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