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TURN AN ATARI 2600 Into An iPod/iPhone Docking Station

I’m a big fan of recycling old objects and turning them into useful equipment that will happily take up space in my house. Of course, I am not super patient when it comes to hacking various technological doodads and making them awesome (probably because I have the attention span of an infant) but I am lucky that I am surrounded by friends who are much, much better than me in this regard and who will do what I ask if I cook for them.

(It’s surprising how, as I get older, people are willing to do the same types of favors for me for chocolate, peanut butter balls as they once did when I easily put out…must be due to my incredible culinary skills and not to the fact that my ass has spread)

If you are the handy type of person who has a mean nostalgia streak, follow along with Instructables user Andrew Mcneil (via the video below) as he turns the glorious Atari 2600 into a docking station for his iPod. 

Then go ahead and starting building a few for yourself and some friends.

If you make one for me, I’ll send you a batch of my famous Chocolate, Peanut Butter Balls.

Source: Instructables

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