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As a writer, I spend a lot of time in bed typing away on my computer and basically soaking in my own filth. And while I can appreciate those writers who get up every morning and go into a dedicated office and sit at a desk for eight hours a day (as if it were a regular job), I am somewhat lazier and tend to enjoy napping in between bursts of creativity (I’m like a cat that way).

Now, I’m not saying that my way of doing things is better (they are) than people who are actually able to make a living writing (fuck them) but it works for me and so, in bed I will stay.

However, even lying down on feather pillows with a carafe of cucumber-flavored spring water on my bedside table isn’t always enough to spark an essay or short story, so perhaps draping my bed in Notebook-like linens (that you can actually write on with Washable Fabric markers) might help those mini-writer’s blocks that pop up from time to time whenever I am confronted by a blank page and blinking cursor.

And just think how handy it will be if I need to jot something down in the dead of night and can’t find a piece of paper…

Even better, if you happen to be friends with artist Michael Scoggins (who just so happens to create large works of art on over-size notebook paper he constructs himself):

You might be able to entice him to come to your house and draw something on your bed (I have beer Michael).

These linens keep getting better and better…..

Click HERE to order yours.

Source: Kid Crave

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