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BAKE UP Your Very Own JUPITER Cake! Taking Over the Universe Has Never Been So Easy…Or Delicious

Food blogger, baker and zoology graduate, Rhiannon from CakeCrumbs, has put together an amazing tutorial on creating spherical cakes that can be decorated as our universe’s various planets.

I know right? So freaking cool. 

The possibilities for these things are endless: An astronaut themed b-day party where everyone dresses up as their favorite space explorer and eats their way through the 8 planets (plus little ole Pluto), Baking up a batch of planets for your kid’s science fair where the judges can munch away the various layers (like no one knows that it isn’t the parents who do the experiments) thus handing over the blue ribbon to your child, or, if you’re not into planets you can always turn these round cakes into bowling balls, the heads of various family members or over-sized cake pops.

Whatever you want!

But for this particular recipe, we are going with the planet theme:

Before you begin, I highly suggest reading the recipe all the way through and gathering up the necessary ingredients before rushing headlong into the baking process. Nothing can ruin a fabulous recipe faster than impatience, and trust me when I tell you that this one is going to take some time. 

Also, you are going to be needing some Hemisphere Pans, you can use oven-safe bowls if you have them but I prefer using the molds myself. It’s a lot easier.

The recipe can be found HERE (FYI: You’re going to be making three separate cake batters for each layer, so make sure you have everything at hand)

Once you have everything you need to begin, watch the video below. It doesn’t go super in depth (that’s what the actual recipe is for) but it does give you an idea what is involved with making the cake.

Trust me, once you make one of these things, you are going to want to make more…like, maybe an Earth Cake:

Source: Boing Boing

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