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New Disposable Camera Will Insert UNICORNS Into All Your Pictures…Wait, They Still Make Disposable Cameras?

I know, I know, disposable cameras are so early 2000’s but hear me out. Right now, you can put your name on a list for a disposable camera that will insert unicorns into your selfies which, in turn, will make you look super cool (you know, if you are into unicorns).

And while I can appreciate the fact that taking pictures of yourself without seeing them immediately may cause you some intestinal discomfort (I mean, how can you function without knowing how awesome you look THE TWENTY-SEVEN TIMES A DAY you photograph yourself in the bathroom?) but sometimes it’s the waiting that can make the reveal so sublime.

And there will be a fucking unicorn in it so chill.

Of course, if the idea of a Magical Unicorn Disposable Camera is way too retro for you, here’s an APP that will put a freaking horn on the top of your head in every one of your pictures.

You know, back when I was younger we sometimes didn’t even develop the rolls of film we used to capture our friends and family. Right now, there’s easily twelve unprocessed rolls in a box at my mom’s house that is probably filled with heart warming memories AND NOT ONE OF US GIVE A SHIT.

Christ, not everything needs to be documented…except if they contain pictures of unicorns.

Source: Geek Alerts

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