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SCIENCE GEEK: Amaze Your Kids With The Disappearing Spoon Trick…Trust Me, They Will Start Thinking You Are A Wizard After They See This And Better Yet, Mind You Out Of Fear

You’d think that with all the advancements made in technology in the last couple decades that have made life worth living (Thank you Netflix Streaming) that the children of the millennium would be more apt to go into science or tech.

But no, they are just as stupid and idiotic as we are.

But I have a dream that one day a generation of children will come of age where they will look at math and science lovingly, in the same way that my generation looked MTV in the early 80’s, and make the world, if not a better place, then at least a bit more interesting to live in (or, even better, make dinner party conversations much more palpable).

And the only way I see this dream becoming a reality, is if we, the older generation, walk away from the TV for about an hour a week and start involving these young kids in the kind of experiences that make deep, permanent impressions that last a lifetime.

And one of those awesome experiments is the Disappearing Spoon trick which not only teach kids about chemical reactions, but also illustrates the point that knowledge and belief can sometimes be illusionary and that we must always be open to change and the evolution of fact.

 Heavy stuff I know, but seriously, it’s one of those life lessons that had most reality stars learned it long ago, we could have enjoyed a world without the Kardashians.

 Now, don’t be intimidated, the Disappearing Spoon trick is ridiculously easy (thanks to DIY kits that have all the necessary molds and elemental gallium you will need- gallium is a chemical element that, when hardened, appears to look like metal, although it reacts to heat the way chocolate does, melting easily) and anyone can do it.

And the best part about this trick is that you can use the gallium over and over again to create more spoons to show more kids, who will, in turn, tell their friends, opening up a dialog about chemicals and physics which will transform the scary and freaky world of science into something that they feel is easily accessible.

And then they will ask you to show them more stuff (and, thanks to the internet, there’s a plethora of easy experiments that can help continue a kid’s growing love affair with science).

So, let’s get our Science Geek on and make a difference in the world, because if we don’t, I have a feeling that in a couple of decades we will be electing President Honey Boo-Boo to a second term in office.

Below are some videos showing what, exactly, the Disappearing Spoon trick does…I’ll bet you’ll be a little amazed yourself.

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