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What Do You Get When You Combine The Internet’s Love Affair With CATS And DR. WHO? Doctor Mew…God I Love The Information Super Highway

Etsy seller Jenny Parks has combine two of the most popular internet searches into a series of perfect buttons that you can proudly wear on your work cardigans…Dr. Who and Cats.

Yep each of the good docs (minus Peter Capaldi, but I’m sure once he is up and running Ms. Parks will no doubt add him to the collection) are represented and, at $1 each, these babies are cheap enough to order every single one of the Docs.

Although, in my humble opinion, I think Dr. Mew 11 (Matt Smith) is probably the cutest:

Of course, if time travel doesn’t do it for you and you enjoy, say, more zombie-oriented things, Ms. Parks has you covered with a glorious Daryl Dixon cat animorph that will surely make you weep from cuteness overload/The Walking Dead Fan Freak-Out:

God, I love the Internet.

Source: Fashionably Geek

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