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$100,000 Will Buy You Your Very Own Sci-Fi Custom Car

If you’ve ever dreamed of tooling around in a car that looks like a bean, then welcome to reality my friend because for just $100,000 you can own a gently-used “Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle” that can be driven to your corner Starbucks for all the people to gawk. 

Created by a custom auto builder named Mike Vetter, this one-of-a-kind car has a “…270-hp supercharged 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine, tied to a five-speed gearbox”[Yahoo] and gets up to 26mpg (I was hoping that in the future cars would get at least up to 40mpg…sheesh).

And yes, from what I heard, it does make the owner’s penis appear at least a full inch bigger.

So, if you are interested in perhaps purchasing yourself one these ETVs, then head over HERE to bid on it (yep, it’s available on eBay).

After the break are a couple more pics of the car and a video showing it in action.

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