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BOARD GAME OF THE GODS: Play the ‘Family Ties’ Board Game And Feel The Sweet Surrender Of Becoming A Keaton

I’m a sucker for TV Show board games simply because I like to pretend I’m a character on the show and live out various premises that were never present on any episode.

Take for instance the Family Ties version where the entire point of the game is to get all the Keatons together for a family portrait…yes, that is really what the game is about and yes, I did play it…more than once.

And it was stupidly sublime.

There were various cards included, that you drew, which created scenarios in which Alex, Steven, Elyse, Mallory and Jennifer may or may not show up to get their picture taken (and there was something about money being needed to pay the photographer, I believe) and you had to hope that you didn’t draw a “Skippy” card:

Because that was the kiss of death.

Now, to be truthful the game was overly difficult and not much fun but hell, why should a game be filled with adventure anyway right?

Oh, those were the days when consumers weren’t as picky about enjoyment as they are now.

So why am I writing about a board game that isn’t Settlers of Catan?

Because this joyful indoctrination into corporate greed, created by people who were hoping to cash in on the success of a mid-eighties sitcom, has popped up on ebay and I feel the need to share this glorious find so that others may experience the thrill of posing for A FAMILY PORTRAIT!

God, you are so lucky that you have me in your life to point you in the right direction.

You should probably grab it now.

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