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EDIBLE BUGS GIFT PACK: Give the Taste of Protein to Everyone on Your Holiday List This Season

Every year around this time I start picking out my holiday theme gift that I give to all my friends and family members so that I don’t have to spend valuable TV watching time shopping for their individual tastes and desires (last year everyone got a copy of Chuck Norris’ classic flick Forest Warrior, it’s the one where he turns into a bear to fight environmental corruption).

And for this year’s offering I think I hit the jackpot with the Edible Bugs Gift Pack which contains the proper degree of “Ick” that I look for when hunting for a group present while also working on the “Yum” level as these tins of creepy-crawlies are meant to be eaten on crackers.

Here’s what those lucky recipients will be receiving:

1 tin each of:

Bacon & Cheese Grasshoppers (Acrididae)
BBQ Bamboo Worms (Omphisa fuscidentalis)
Nori Seaweed Armor Tail Scorpions (Mesobuthus martensii)
Salted Queen Weaver Ants (Oecophylla)
Sour Cream and Onion Dung Beetles (Circellium bacchus)
Wasabi House Crickets (Gryllidae)
Giant Waterbug Chili Paste (Nepidae) 

Yep, I think everyone will be mighty pleased with their present.

Good job, Me.

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