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GWYNETH PALTROW Threw An English Garden Party in the Hamptons And You Weren’t Invited (Rant)

To celebrate some sort of collaboration between fashion designer Stella McCartney and her company called Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow threw an English garden party complete with a bevy of rich, bored white people eating minuscule amounts of food and pretending that their lives have meaning (before returning home to commence cutting themselves in order to relieve the pain of contributing nothing to society…I’m only theorizing here).

Now, you may be asking yourself why the hell I am compelled to rant and rave about a woman who I do not know, yet feel free to pass judgement upon, and I completely understand your criticism. And the only answer I can give you is that I have a visceral response whenever I see people flouting a lifestyle (and operating a website) that caters to the belief that over-priced crap somehow equates a “better existence”.

When you watch the video of the party below (and yes, she did upload it to her website so that people can see what buying a $50 “hand printed” towel set of an apple and an American flag:

can lead to) you will be able to see what I mean.

And while my anger may seem, on the surface, to be an overreaction to a celebrity, there is a very real, yet subtle message perpetuated by this video that is destructively persuasive to those people who feel threatened by a country that is getting progressively more diverse (both financially and racially) and that is: Only the privileged, the white and the thin deserve to be here. And for those people who are tuned into that line of thinking, this is the kind of “lifestyle” that they yearn for.

 (note: I know that the tone here is heavy but to paraphrase the great comedian Bill Hicks, “Don’t worry, dick jokes are coming”)

And what really makes this behavior even more appalling is the fact that not only did Ms. Paltrow think that throwing a party that completely strokes her own ego was a great idea, but that no one seemed to feel that it was within their power to stop the woman from performing a Gangham-Style dance with her mother without being blacklisted from upcoming soirees, that I’m assuming revolve around sacrificing one of Paltrow’s Hispanic gardeners to whatever demons the white uber-wealthy believe in and ingesting his poor soul in order to remain rich and youthful looking.

What a dick (see, I told you dick jokes were coming).

Video below.

Source: Videogum

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