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ONE CHARM BRACELET TO RULE THEM ALL: Nerd Jewelry For Folks Who Would Like A Dorkiness Around Their Wrist

I have never been much of a jewelry girl. In fact, it’s difficult for me to wear anything more complex than my wedding band without it starting to annoy me five minutes after it goes on my body. Which is probably why I haven’t gotten around to sporting the Pandora charm bracelet that my in-laws gave me a few years ago for Hanukkah.

And yes, it fills me with a certain amount of guilt that they spent a ton of money on a bracelet filled with metal beads that they hoped would magically turn me into a “real” girl (kinda like Pinocchio), even though we all know that the last time I went along with the whole “girl” thing both my eyebrows and my nether region were viciously waxed in a way that will haunt me until the day I die.

But there may be hope for me yet, for I have spied a wonderful charm bracelet that really does honor all the 20-sided die of me.

Which may actually lead to a future in which my arm is covered by metallic bits representing my nerdhood in all it’s tacky glory.

Companion cube charm? Check. Wizard Hat? You betcha. Bling Mario-style Mushroom? Sure.

Yep, embracing my inner chick has just gotten a bit easier.

Now, if only there was a way to tame my uni-brow without pouring molten lava on it and ripping it out of my face…

Source: Think Geek

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