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RYAN GOSLING EARRINGS: Hey Girl, Your Lobes Are Beautiful Just The Way They Are But I Bet They Could Still Use A Hug

There are always going to be days when you aren’t feeling your very best, and when that happens you’re going to need more than a Grande Caramel Macchiato and some Xanax to make all the bad thoughts go away, you’re going to need Ryan Gosling.

And since the real RG is somewhere far away spending time with his own abs, I’m thinking that the next best thing would be wearing his likeness close to your ear holes where he could whisper encouraging phrases that will perk up your self-esteem and make you feel like a million bucks.

‘Cause girl, you’re perfect just the way you are.

But, if you need something a bit more intensive, you could simply install the Hey Girl Chrome Extension that will replace all the images on a screen with those of Ryan Gosling…you know, if you are really in need of some serious perking up.

Source: Incredible Things

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