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ZOMBIE DRUG Reaches The US Border…Who Has Their Crowbars Ready?

In the past few years we have seen an increase in Zomie-like behavior due to drug usage and while I, like everyone else, believed that these cases were merely isolated incidents (I mean it wasn’t like the people were actually zombies, they were just high on stupid Bath Salts right?), it appears that a new drug is hitting the US shores that WILL EAT THE FLESH OFF YOUR FRAKKING BONES.

The drug, Krokodil (also known as Zombie Drug) is similar to heroin in that it is highly addictive and has many of the same effects that users enjoy/need. Of course, the one difference is that when you shoot it up into your body, that area has a tendency to “…turn green and scaly, showing symptoms of gangrene. In severe cases, the skin rots away completely revealing the bone beneath. Other permanent effects of the drug include speech impediments and erratic movement”[Mother Jones]…kind of like a Zombie.

The drug began making waves in Russia a few years ago (mostly in rural areas- which, as we all know is where Zombie outbreaks like to begin) since it was far cheaper than heroin and produced almost the same high.

Except, in this instance,  instead of having to be concerned about suffering from a pesky overdose possibility as you do when using heroin, Krokodil will just simply kill you .

Yep, there’s not even going to be enough time for your family to book you on an intervention reality show before you kick the bucket from this stuff. The average user lives only for a couple of years, probably because the drug contains codeine, iodine, and red phosphorous (you know, the stuff that’s on the end of matches to make it go all flamey) as well as some delicious additives like hydrochloric acid, paint thinner and gasoline.

So, here’s what I’m thinking is going to happen over here in the States: People are going to start taking the drug, their meat will fall off their limbs, it’ll mix with some Monsanto chemical crap and as a result, people will turn into raving maniacs and then yours truly goes into her basement for some R and R.

Oh, and just so you don’t think I’m kidding about this future possibility, there’s some photos of people who have used Krokodil after the break to give you the full effect of what to expect…if you have a sensitive stomach, you might not want to look.

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